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Staff at St Peter's

Headteacher Mrs J. Waterfield
Assistant Heads Mrs J. Evans, Miss K. Pitkin, Miss E. Grimes
Reception P Mrs E. Potts
Reception O Mrs C. Oliver
Year One H Mr B. Hetchin
Year One T Mrs J. Taylor
Year Two B Miss R. Bray
Year Two Y Miss S. Yolland
Year Three J Miss K. Jeffs
Year Three I Miss L. Ingram
Year Four Y Ms E. Yordonava
Year Four G Miss E. Goss
Year Five M Miss S. Mansell
Year Five A Mr J. Allen
Year Six P Miss K. Pitkin
Year Six G Miss E. Grimes
Inclusion Manager Mrs J. Evans
Art and Music Teacher

Mrs S. Barlow

Teaching Staff


Mrs Waterfield 

Head Teacher

RE Leader

RSE Leader

PSHE Leader

Mrs Parker

Deputy Head Teacher

Overall Curriculum Leader

Assessment Leader

History and Geography Leader

Mrs Tisi


Assistant Head Teacher

KS1 and KS2 Leader

Leader for Learning: English and Maths

Mrs Potts Foundation Stage Leader
Miss Pitkin

P.E. Leader

D.T. Leader

Mr Hetchin Science Leader
Miss Grimes Computing Leader


Safeguarding Poster

Support Staff

Office Manager

Finance Officer

Admin Assistant

Mrs M. Holt

Mrs E. Williams

Mrs P. Bhakar

 Mrs S. Kelly 

Teaching Assistants

Mrs J. Bennet

Mrs S. Callender

Mrs L. Carter

Mrs S. Channon

Mrs D. Collins

Mrs K. Cross

Mrs M. Elsworth

Mrs B. Fynn

Miss A. Jamil

Mrs A. Jones

Miss E. Keegan

Mrs R. Kadar

Miss S. Rhodes

Mrs R. Unadkat

Mrs L. Weston

Mrs J. Wheeler

Mrs P Wilson


Kitchen Supervisor  Mrs V. Matoshi
Kitchen Assistant  
Midday Assisstants

Mrs A. Bacon

Mrs D. Costin

Mrs K. Donegan

Mrs D. Gannayakanahalli

Mrs E. Gray

Mrs J. Selby

Mrs J. Thompson

Miss M. Straw

Miss L. Farrell 

School Keeper Mr G. Bond
Gardener Mrs J. Hickie
Cleaner Ms C. Newson
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