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School is closed at present, except for vulnerable children or children of keyworkers. Places can only be booked via SQUID. School can only be contacted via the office email office@st-peters.havering.sch.uk

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Dear Parents and children,

I trust this finds you and your family well, as the staff and I are continue to think about our community here at St. Peter’s. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone as we now think about returning to school.  The staff and I are tremendously excited to be greeting the children back to school on Monday 7 September to begin the new academic year, and the classrooms are beautifully ready to welcome them back in earnest. 

We all acknowledge the very difficult and challenging circumstances we found ourselves in during the peak of the pandemic and now look forward to creating the warm and compassionate environment that will support the children in the coming weeks and months of the coming new school year. 

No one can underestimate the impact closing school so suddenly and for so long may have had on our children so we are planning ways in which we can ‘lever’ them back to be the engaging children and learners we know them to be.

At the very start of term we aim to support ALL children and families in building up the children’s well-being and happiness by:

  • Igniting and restoring the  relationships between the children and their peers, the staff of the school and our parents
  • Listening to our parents, carers and children so as to build and support the community in every way we can
  • Being clear and transparent in how we are going to support the children in some of the areas of learning or content they may have missed by reminding them of our Growth Mindset and Learning Behaviour principals
  • Giving everyone space and time to express how they are feeling on the return to school and upon their experiences of being away from school
  • Planning themed curricular to mark and celebrate the children’s work and achievements

We recognise, most fundamentally, that for some individual children and families, they will require specific targeted support to deal with trauma, bereavement or anxiety.  I urge parents to contact me directly should you need to let me know about any personal changes or difficulties you have experienced during the time away from school. As always, these matters are communicated with the strictest confidentiality.

I have come across a lovely image that sums up for me the huge importance relationships have on the well-being and outcomes for the children.

I have great confidence that all staff of our school will work with care and compassion to support the children back to school in September.

In the meantime, please find a copy of the letter sent out at the end of last term about our arrangements for September and about dropping off and collecting procedures, under the newsletter tab.

We look forward to seeing you and the children on Monday 7 September.

With every good wish as always. Please do not hesitate to contact me via the school office should you need to.

Mrs Waterfield Headteacher

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