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RE and Worship

Our School follows 'Come and See,' the Catholic Religious Education Programme. An overview of coverage of the programme can be viewed via the image link below.


Please have a look at our Worship and RE Policies below:

We periodically carry out surveys on aspects of RE and Worship. Here are the results of the latest surveys in which both children and parents were asked for their views on Prayer, Worship and RE at St Peter's.

Our Mosaic of St Peter


Relationships and Sex Education

During the summer term, our children have their RSE lessons. Here are the supporting presentations from these sessions.

RSE Policies and letters

Section 48 Religious Education Inspection

During the Easter Term of 2016, our school was inspected by the Diocese of Brentwood Education Service. We are pleased to present the findings of the report here.

Prayer Book

Our Prayer Book forms a  focus of the prayer life of our school. Children are free to write in it with their personal and shared requests at any time.

Prayer and Worship Group


Our Prayer and Worship Group meet half-termly to review their action plan and for discussions, and also help to plan acts of worship in school. They have also been involved with St Edwards C of E School next door to us. We have close links with St. Edwards with whom we share joint acts of worship, particularly at Christmas and Easter.

The members of the group are:

2M: Mayson and Olivia

3P:   Thomas

3G:   Dominc and Jacob

4J: Sophia, Caden, Onyi, Chidera, Gabriella, Shay and David

4B: Rose and Miriam

Y5: Keira, Betty, Maisie, Antonina

Y6: Sophia and Jacob




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