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Water Park 2015


Year 6 Visit - 17th -21st April 2015

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Day 1 - Monday 

Swirl How

Swirl How had two instructors, including Chris and we went on the lake to do kayaking.  As we were kayaking, we each had our own boat, and soon got the hang of moving around in quite windy conditions. We played games on the lake and also practiced moving in all directions using our paddles. During the evening, we played a game of aliens where we had to collect different names and codes that were placed around the grounds. It was an energetic end to a very long day. We are now tired, but we’re not sure if we’re ready for bed yet!



After arriving and being welcomed by Roger, the head of the centre, Coniston headed out onto the lake for some canoeing. There were only two of us to each boat, which increased the challenge. There was a breeze, which made the boats harder to control, but we made our way around the headland and down the lake. There, we played various ball games to increase our skill levels. While swapping boats, Ruby decided to carry on walking, even though there was not a boat underneath her. She was rapidly followed into the water by Olivia. Both continued to do well despite their soaking. The group then all had the chance to jump in off the jetty. Ghyll Scrambling and Rock Climbing tomorrow!



Today was the beginning of Wetherlam group’s great Waterpark adventure canoeing across Coniston Water. Alex our Instructor chose the pairings and we all paddled their canoes brilliantly, exploring the lake, playing several games and all went for an impromtu dip at the end of the session, including Mr Bond. Yes the water was COLD!!


Brown Pike


Day 2 - Tuesday

Swirl How

We started the day Ghyll Scambling; and as our leaders described, our group were like water babies! They took every opportunity to get themselves soaked to the skin.  Rachael and Chris commented upon the group’s team work and enthusiasm.  In the afternoon we enjoyed orienteering, lope ropes and problem solving activities in the grounds which challenged us still further.  We ended the day reflecting on our experiences and are building up a daily log of our time here at Water Park.



Today, we started off by canoeing across Coniston water, loaded up with rock-climbing equipment. After a twenty minute climb, we arrived at the rock face. Everyone in our group reached the top, including Mr Hooton, whose fate was left in Olivia's hands as she controlled the ropes from above. After canoeing back across the lake, we had lunch at the house and got prepared for Ghyll Scrambling. 

During the journey to the Ghyll, we passed through Coniston and recognised many features from our Geography study of the area. At the Ghyll, we spent a couple of hours climbing the river, with plenty of team challenges set along the way. The whole group completed all of the route which involved travelling under low obstacles and jumping off ledges into deep water. 

After dinner, a game of dinosaur hunt combined mental and physical challenges, before a slightly earlier journey to bed..... and it's Journey Day tomorrow



After a hearty breakfast of bangers and beans, Wetherlam travelled to Tilberthwaite Ghyll. Having all the necessary equipment we were equipped to take part in the strenuous and exciting activity of scrabbling up the ghyll.  The children took turns in leading the way, helping and encouraging one another on the way.  In the afternoon, we crossed Coniston Water by canoe to climb a crag. All the group challenged themselves to overcome their fears and then they delighted in their successes!


Brown Pike

Orienteering in the grounds of Water Park was the first item on the agenda for Brown Pike today. They did extremely well and worked together as a team. After lunch we went Ghyll scrambling and the children were noted for their great enthusiasm in finding different ways to get themselves fully submerged in the water! They supported each other well and encouraged one another to succeed. The leaders were impressed with the children’s energy and abilities. Miss Griffin was particularly pleased with her own achievement in jumping into the Ghyll backwards.


Day 3 - Wednesday

Swirl How

We were impressed by how many crumpets, pieces of toast and cereals were consumed at breakfast today.  This must have given our group the energy needed to really exercise their minds and bodies on the climbing wall! Again, the children pushed themselves to the limits and tackled all the challenges set.  They loved the sense of achievement it brought.  Even greater challenges were accomplished in the afternoon as we sailed on Coniston Water.  The weather was glorious and the wind just right to competitively race each other across the water from landmark to landmark. The children’s confidence grew as the afternoon progressed-as did their speed! Needless to say, after we packed away the boats, the children took the opportunity to have yet another go at throwing themselves in the water......



Well, we were going to go on our Journey Day today, but because of the weather being great for sailing, that's what we did today. We took out two fast Dart Catamarans, and in girls v. boys teams, made our way about five miles down the lake. The wind was strong at times, but the boats stayed upright, partly due to our two trapeze operators, Ruby and Aaron. 

After lunch, we did orienteering around the grounds. We took particular attention to this, as we are going to be creating our own course around St Peter's this term for the younger children to use after we have left. 

Journey Day tomorrow, and The Old man of Coniston, the highest mountain in the area awaits us!



The day started with Alex teaching the basics of sailing.  The children were paired  and took charge of sailing their boat in tricky conditions across Coniston Water with varying degrees of wind strength- speeding along at one moment and then in the doldrums the next. The children had a great sense of achievement on arriving back at Water Park. After lunch we again ventured onto Coniston Water on our own kayaks and played games on the water to develop our confidence. There was lots of ‘accidentally on purpose’ falling in, getting soaked and plenty of high jinks! A quick shower later, we were on the high ropes and challenging ourselves to conquer our fear of heights.


Brown Pike

Today was our Journey Day; the children were excited about the adventure ahead of them. We travelled to Tilberthwaite to the Little Langdale quarry where we explored the passageways. The children were challenged to travel through the tunnels as a group in total darkness. They had to trust and rely on one another for guidance in navigating their way through. After lunch, we walked up 397metres to the top of Great Intake, each taking a turn in leading the group.  They were thrilled to reach the summit and felt very proud of themselves.  On the way down some of us were overcome by the boggy grounds, having to jump over streams and the rough terrain- a photo has been taken of Miss Griffin in flight across one such stream!


Day 4 - Thursday

Swirl How

Another food theme here- bacon butties did the trick for our preparations for our Journey Day today.  We started by crossing Coniston Water by a Voyager canoe and headed for a nearby crag on which to put our climbing practice into action.  The children managed two climbs before lunch, after which we walked Blawith Fells and headed for Brown Howe. The children were mesmerised by the breathtaking views in the distance and couldn’t quite believe how far they had walked.  After celebrating on the summit, we walked back by a different route to take our canoe back to Water Park.  All in all an exhilarating day, full of accomplishments!



Today was Journey day and the sun shone down on us all day. We spent the morning climbing up the Old Man of Coniston, the highest mountain in the area, at nearly 3000ft. It was not easy but we were helped by our instructor, Gary with his games and bad jokes. We reached the summit shortly after midday, where we had our lunch and studied maps of the area. We were then joined by Wetherlam for a photo. On the way down, we passed through a disused quarry on the way back to the minibus. Well done to everyone, particularly Aaron, despite suffering from blisters. High Ropes tomorrow before our journey home!



After a short minibus ride, we set off to conquer the Old Man of Coniston; a fell some 903 mts high. The beautiful weather conditions encouraged the children to put their best foot forward. Climbing steadily with lots of encouragement from our instructor and Mr Bond the children progressed towards the summit taking in the stunning views on the way. It took a total of 5 and half hours to get up and down- a monumental achievement that will be fondly remembered by all!   


Brown Pike

We started the day canoeing on Coniston and everyone had fun challenging themselves with the games to familiarise themselves with the canoes. After lunch we headed for a crag for our climbing. The children loved the real sense of thrill as they climbed a natural rock face- made even more enjoyable by the hot and sunny weather!

We ended the day with activities on the low ropes back at Water Park. What next? - dinner and disco/talent show!!


The Final Evening


Day 5 - Friday The Final Day


Once again, the weather was kind to us today, but before we could benefit from it, we had to clear the bedrooms, make the beds and make sure nothing was left behind. This class were stars at doing this in record time, and with less fuss than any of the staff could remember, and we were ready to start our activities early. All groups did a mix of low and high rope activities, with some doing orienteering as well. More records were set in climbing the 60 ft tree before abseiling down.

After lunch, we had our awards ceremony, with everyone receiving their certificate. We reflected on what we had learnt and how we had grown during the week. After our final goodbyes we got on the coach to start the long journey home.  This is our tenth consecutive visit to Water Park. The children and staff alike believe it is a fantastic place with superb instructors, and we now see it as very much part of the culture of our school.

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